The Stories behind the Songs of Calming Storm


Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 7.57.40 PMThe idea behind my debut EP, Calming Storm, was to tell the story of a world traveler searching for adventure, love, and beauty that surrounds us every day. Based on my own experiences exploring the globe and meeting truly inspiring souls, I have found that the most powerful memories are made in the simplest moments. The opening track “Beauty Unseen” is an ode to a very special person in my life, the type of person that everyone has in their lives but maybe fail to acknowledge as much as they should. It doesn’t matter if we haven’t experienced all the wonders of the world because the experience of a deep human connection is the greatest wonder of all. Next the tempo picks up for a country-inspired song called “Don’t Turn On The Light”, which describes the fragility of a relationship and how the slightest touch of a brewing storm could make it all crumble away. The third track, “Safety Blankets“, in turn is about being on a journey, miles away from home, and believing that anything is possible in that moment. To me there is something magical about being on a train, hearing the wheels beneath you on the tracks, and feeling the butterflies of both the uncertainty and the excitement that lies within the unknown. Closing the EP is “This Is The Day”, a song I wrote with the ambition of making it into an anthem for my generation.

Coming from the connection I feel with the 1960s – its artists, its passion, and the free love movement – I wanted to paint a picture of the world we should be fighting for, one that believes we should not just tolerate each other, but rather thrives on the basic rights of love, respect, and acceptance. I hope this record touches every listener’s heart in some way, as these are all experiences that have deeply touched mine.