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Velvety – August 2017

Best new tracks of August 2017.


Ear To The Ground – August 2017

“Evelyn Cools is a talented singer songwriter and her track “Yosemite” is great evidence of that. The guitar strumming is just strong enough to provide a foundation for her powerful vocal. The lyrics, though, are the convicting element to the song. When you take it all together, you can travel to a special place in your mind and heart.”


Sofar Sounds Blog – July 2017

Guest writer.

Sofar artists are able to play intimate shows in their home cities, and cities all over the world. NYC based artists Evelyn Cools and Julia Barreto kicked off a Midwest tour playing Sofar’s in Indianapolis, Akron, Chicago, and Pittsburgh. Join them for the ride.


Sofar Sounds – April 2017

People of Sofar: Evelyn Cools, NYC, Budapest & The Hague Artist, NYC Ambassador

“We asked Evelyn Cools, an active NYC ambassador and performer (in NYC and a few European cities!) why she loves Sofar.”


Kingston Green Radio (interview and acoustic session) – July 2016

“Listen in as I chat to her about the impact her rich mix of influences and international experiences have on her music, and Evelyn also plays two exclusive tracks for us.”


Emerging Indie Bands (single review) – May 2016

“The latest piece is the haunting full line-up track Byron Bay which slowly drifts around the room to the accompaniment of acoustic guitar, placid percussion and ghostly pianoforte.”


A Little Bit of Sol – March 2015

“Amazing musical skill, angelic voice and deeply moving lyrics.”


Popdroid (Top 50 in Belgian Music for December) – December 2015

#39 in top 50 and featured as “new artist alert”


50ThirdAnd3rd (interview) – November 2015

“If I made a list of people who you just really needed to know, Evelyn Cools would make the cut. She is releasing her debut EP this Friday, Calming Storm, on the Animal Farm label. This London-based, Belgium born singer/songwriter makes a lasting first impression on me. I am both inspired and envious of all that she has accomplished and I know her journey has really just begun.”


The Revue – November 2015

“A number of influences can be heard in her songs, from Simon & Garfunkel to Gillian Welch to Lucinda Williams to Bob Dylan. Her debut EP, Calming Storm, is a reflection of her journeys played to the music that many of the aforementioned artists made famous.

Calming Storm will be officially released on Friday, November 27. Today, however, we are extremely pleased and privileged to premiere the EP, which is a beautiful and enchanting collection of songs.”


De Streekkrant – September 2015

Interview for Belgian local newspaper.


91.7 WICB – March 2015

“Evelyn’s songs are heartfelt and delicate, but also empowering.”

Radio airplay: “Other Side of the World” played on WICB show Homebrew


Spotlight London – November 2014

“The sweet sound of the piano against the strumming of the guitar really creates a story for which Evelyn’s voice narrates. Evelyn is one of those artists that commands the stage in a soft way. She doesn’t need a big intro or a witty welcome to get attention, once she starts singing, her music does the talking.”